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AutoPi Wi-Fi Subscription

Extend your Vehicle Smart Hub with Wi-Fi

$10.00 to


Turn your DIMO device into a Wi-Fi Hotspot. Perfect if you depend on your vehicle for work or have a family you want to keep connected.

  • Different plans available
  • Supported by Twilio SIMs
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Earn 5% back as DIMO Rewards

Works anywhere AutoPi is available.

Requires a DIMO AutoPi.

Other reasons to get started with DIMO.

Icon of a coin to depict collecting rewards

Finally an reward point for the money you spend on your car.

Icon of mobile phone with a key on its screen to depict keyless entry

One app for any car: Toyota, Ford, GM, etc.

Icon of a checklist to depict car health diagnostics

A GPS and health tracker for your car that tells you when to act.

Icon of an ID card behind a car to depict Open Vehicle ID

Access services that help you save time and money with DIMO Mobile.

Download DIMO Mobile

Note: If you already have an app for your car, like the Tesla, Toyota, or FordPass app, you can connect directly via the DIMO app.